Tiny Tapeout 3

Design details

Launch stats

  • Launched: 1 March 2023
  • Submission closed: 24 April 2023
  • Submitted to Efabless 2304C chipIgnite shuttle using Skywater 130nm open source PDK
  • Chips expected October 2023, PCBs expected December 2023

Project statistics

  • 100 projects submitted, 149 projects added from TT02
  • build time for all projects 22.68 hours
  • total cells 79674
  • max cells 1287 for project 072
  • max utilisation 59.95% for project 044
  • total wire length 4079 mm
  • 94 used Wokwi, 135 Verilog, 1 myhdl, 7 Amaranth, spade 1, xls 2, migen 1, systemverilog 3, mixed radix circuit synthesis (mrcs) 1, chisel 1.
  • top 10 tags:
    • test : 21
    • experiment: 6
    • cpu : 6
    • timer : 5
    • risc : 5
    • game : 4
    • pwm : 4
    • music : 4
    • counter : 4

Whole die render

whole die

Project Showcase

Testimonials / Endorsements

Awesome! Sent my design to #TinyTapeout ! Emotion! Thanks @matthewvenn , @marunmagesh and crew, for making it possible!

#tinytapeout 3 submission is in! I’m very thankful to be a part of such an amazing project, even if my project is small.

Just to take moment, thank you! I didn’t think I would ever get to do something like this, especially with so little cost or pressure. For context, at work, I was testing an ASIC a supplier designed for us, and that was quite the opposite of both of these.

Hurray, also made a last minute submission, haven’t felt that rush since my last university homework submission deadline… Great that a chip design can be done on a weekend, looking forward to getting all the other designs, and thanks everybody who contributed to the platform, it is really easy to use!

I just submitted a last minute project to tt03, wanted to drop by and say kudos for all the resources and the project in general!

I’ve never done any hardware before (just software), but after reading the updated Code by Petzold earlier in the year and listening to an interview with Jim Keller I had my interest peeked to look at whats going on in the layers I usually take for granted. Really cool to find something like tiny tapeout, nice motivating to actually install some of the tools and give it a try.

More on Twitter.

All projects

Index Title Author
0 Test Inverter Project Matt Venn
1 ChipTune Wallie Everest
2 7 Segment Life icegoat9
3 Another Piece of Pi Meinhard Kissich, EAS Group, Graz University of Technology
4 Wormy nqbit
5 Knight Rider Sensor Lights Kolos Koblasz
6 Single digit latch Dylan Garrett
7 4x4 Memory Yannick Reiß
8 KS-Signal Yannick Reiß
9 Hovalaag CPU Mike Bell
10 SKINNY SBOX Niklas Fassbender
11 Stateful Lock Tim Henkes
12 Ascon’s 5-bit S-box Fabio Campos
13 8bit configurable galois lfsr Alexander Schönborn
14 Sbox SKINNY 8 Bit Thorsten Knoll
15 BinaryDoorLock Marcus Michaely
16 bad apple shadow1229
17 TinyFPGA attempt for TinyTapeout3 Emilian Miron
18 4bit Adder Carin Schreiner
19 12-bit PDP8 Paul Campnell
20 CTF - Catch the fish Carin Schreiner
21 Dot operation calculator Yannick Reiß
22 Random Number Guessing Game Yufei Zhen, Elaina Zodiatis, Khadijatou Dibba
23 Desperate Tapeout Etienne de Maricourt
24 Simple multiply Anton Maurovic
25 Parallel Nibble to UART Andrew M
26 tiny logic analyzer yubex
27 XOR Stream Cipher Luke Vassallo
28 LED Panel Driver Tom Keddie
29 6-bit FIFO Mike Bell
30 ezm_cpu guianmonezm#4787
31 31b-PrimeDetector Aidan McNay
32 4-bit ALU ReJ aka Renaldas Zioma
33 Pulse-Density Modulators Marco Merlin
34 CRC Decelerator Grant Hernandez (@grant-h)
35 Simple clock Søren Poulsen
36 Binary to DEC and HEX Norberto Hernandez-Como
37 Simon Says (fastclk) Uri Shaked
38 Shift Register Ram Dakotath
39 tinysat Emmanouel Matigakis
40 POV display Balint Kovacs
41 Toy CPU jordan336
42 Base-10 grey counter counts from zero to a trillion Daniel Wisehart
43 ttFIR: Digital Finite Impulse Response (FIR) Filter Georg
44 QTCore-A1 Hammond Pearce
45 MicroTapeout (of sky130 cells) htfab
46 nipple multiplier ’Mohamed Nasser
47 Synthesizable Digital Temperature Sensor Harald Pretl
48 4-bits sequential ALU Diego Satizabal
49 Brightness control of LED with PWM Ioannis G. Intzes, International Hellenic University - Department of Information and Electronic Engineering
50 Microtapeout Enno Schnackenberg
51 Neptune guitar tuner (fixed window) Pat Deegan
52 Neptune guitar tuner (proportional window) Pat Deegan
53 M segments Matt Venn
54 7 segment seconds Matt Venn
55 7 segment wokwi counter Matt Venn
56 Straight through test Matt Venn
57 Combo lock Benjamin Collier
58 ro-based_tempsense Jorge Marin, Daniel Arevalos
59 FSM_LAT Juan Sanchez
60 MMM Lab’s Micro-robot Control Module Kevin Guan
61 MMM Finite State Machine (4 States) Alexandra Zhang Jiang
62 FSK modem Balint Kovacs
63 QTChallenges Jason Blocklove
64 HiddenCPU HiddenRoom
65 Simple UART interface Aleksandr Zlobin
66 MSF Clock Jamie Wood & Daniel Cannell
67 Hamming(7,4) encoder decoder Robbert
68 I2S reeceiver, data mix and transmitter Clemens Nasenberg
69 S4GA: Super Slow Serial SRAM FPGA Jan Gray(TT02), Marco Merlin (TT03)
70 7 Segment Random Walk Richard Miller
71 Tiny binarized neural network ReJ aka Renaldas Zioma
72 RTL Locked QTCore-A1 Luca Collini and Hammond Pearce
73 Arbiter Game Martin A. Heredia
74 Frequency Divider Tanish Khanchandani
75 FullAdderusing4is1 Marushika Suri , Siya Sharma , Rudakshi Arora
76 BCDtoDECIMAL Giresh and Aditya
77 AI Decelerator Hunter Scott
78 3BitParallelAdder Anish Paul , Pancham Mittal , Ramandeep
79 Asynchronous 3-Bit Down Counter Dikshant, Mohit, Sanidhya
80 Ring oscillator with skew correction Daniel Wisehart
81 3 bit multiplier Ananya
82 Tiny Teeth Toothbrush Timer Noah Hoffman
83 2’s Compliment Subtractor Naman Garg and Aryan Chaudhary
84 Customizable Padlock Tiny Tapeout 02 (J. Rosenthal)
85 Customizable UART String Tiny Tapeout 02 (J. Rosenthal)
86 Customizable UART Character Tiny Tapeout 02 (J. Rosenthal)
87 7-Seg ‘Tiny Tapeout’ Display Tiny Tapeout 02 (J. Rosenthal)
88 Hola Pascual Bravo
89 5_1MUX saurabh kumar and diksha bothra
90 3-bit 4-position register Chris Burton
91 Simple adder used for educational purposes Francisco Brito Filho
92 SIMON Cipher Fraser Price
93 HD74480 Clock Tom Keddie
94 Scrolling Binary Matrix display Chris
95 Power supply sequencer Jon Klein
96 Duty Controller Marcelo Pouso / Miguel Correia
97 ALU Ryan Cornateanu
98 The McCoy 8-bit Microprocessor Aidan Good
99 binary clock Azdle
100 TinySensor Justin Pelan
101 Water-Level-Indicator-With-Auto-Motor-Control Ashutosh Kumar
102 16x8 SRAM & Streaming Signal Generator James Ross
103 German Traffic Light State Machine Jens Schleusner
104 4-spin Ising Chain Simulation Seppe Van Dyck
105 Avalon Semiconductors ‘5401’ 4-bit Microprocessor Tholin
106 small FFT Rice Shelley
107 Stream Integrator William Moyes
108 tiny-fir Tom Schucker
109 Configurable SR Greg Steiert
110 LUTRAM Luis Ardila
111 chase the beat Emil J Tywoniak
112 BCD to 7-segment encoder maehw
113 A LED Flasher Ben Everard
114 4-bit Multiplier Fernando Dominguez Pousa
115 Avalon Semiconductors ‘TBB1143’ Programmable Sound Generator Tholin
116 RGB LED Matrix Driver Matt M
117 Tiny Phase/Frequency Detector argunda
118 Loading Animation Andre & Milosch Meriac
119 tiny egg timer yubex
120 Potato-1 (Brainfuck CPU) Pepper Gray (they/them)
121 heart zoe mom dad zoe nguyen. taylor
122 Tiny Synth Nanik Adnani
123 5-bit Galois LFSR Michael Bikovitsky
124 prbs15 Tom Schucker
125 4-bit badge ALU Rolf Widenfelt
126 Pi (π) to 1000+ decimal places James Ross
127 Siren Alan Green
128 YaFPGA Frans Skarman
129 M0: A 16-bit SUBLEQ Microprocessor William Moyes
130 bitslam Jake “ferris” Taylor
131 8x8 Bit Pattern Player Thorsten Knoll
132 XLS: bit population count proppy
133 RC5 decoder Jean THOMAS
134 chiDOM Maria CHiara Molteni
135 Super Mario Tune on A Piezo Speaker Milosch Meriac
136 Tiny rot13 Phase Noise
137 4 bit counter on steamdeck 13arn
138 Shiftregister Challenge 40 Bit Thorsten Knoll
139 TinyTapeout2 4-bit multiplier. Tholin
140 TinyTapeout2 multiplexed segment display timer. Tholin
141 XLS: 8-bit counter proppy
142 XorShift32 Ethan Mahintorabi
143 XorShift32 Ethan Mahintorabi
144 Multiple Tunes on A Piezo Speaker Jiaxun Yang
145 TinyTapeout 2 LCD Nametag Tholin
146 UART-CC Christina Cyr
147 3-bit 8-channel PWM driver Ivan Krasin
148 LEDChaser from LiteX test Nick Østergaard
149 8-bit (E4M3) Floating Point Multiplier Clive Chan
150 Dice roll Tholin
151 CNS TT02 Test 1:Score Board Bryan Bonilla Garay, Devin Alvarez, Ishaan Singh, Yu Feng Zhou, and N. Sertac Artan
152 CNS002 (TT02-Test 2) Bryan Bonilla Garay, Devin Alvarez, Ishaan Singh, Yu Feng Zhou, and N. Sertac Artan
153 Test2 Shaos
154 7-segment LED flasher Joseph Chiu
155 Nano-neuron Daniel Burke
156 SQRT1 Square Root Engine Davit Margarian (UDXS)
157 Breathing LED argunda
158 Fibonacci & Gold Code Daniel Estevez
159 tinytapeout2-HELLo-3orLd-7seg Rakesh Peter
160 Non-restoring Square Root Wallace Everest
161 GOL-Cell Shaos
162 7-channel PWM driver controlled via SPI bus Ivan Krasin
163 hex shift register Eric Smith
164 Ring OSC Speed Test Eric Smith
165 TinyPID Aidan Medcalf
166 TrainLED2 - RGB-LED driver with 8 bit PWM engine cpldcpu
167 Zinnia+ (MCPU5+) 8 Bit CPU cpldcpu
168 4 bit CPU Paul Campell
169 Stack Calculator David Siaw
170 1-bit ALU Leo Moser
171 SPI Flash State Machine Greg Steiert
172 r2rdac youngpines
173 Worm in a Maze Tim Victor
174 8 bit CPU Paul Campell
175 Pseudo-random number generator Thomas Böhm [email protected]
176 BCD to 7-Segment Decoder JinGen Lim
177 Frequency Counter Andrew Ramsey
178 Taillight controller of a 1965 Ford Thunderbird Hirosh Dabui
179 FPGA test myrtle
180 chi 2 shares Maria Chiara Molteni
181 chi 3 shares Molteni Maria Chiara
182 Whisk: 16-bit Serial RISC CPU Luke Wren
183 Scalable synchronous 4-bit tri-directional loadable counter Steven Bos
184 Asynchronous Binary to Ternary Converter and Comparator Steven Bos
185 Vector dot product Robert Riachi
186 Monte Carlo Pi Integrator regymm
187 Funny Blinky regymm
188 GPS C/A PRN Generator Adam Greig
189 Sigma-Delta ADC/DAC Adam Greig
190 BCD to Hex 7-Segment Decoder JinGen Lim
191 SRLD Chris Burton
192 Counter Adam Zeloof
193 2bitALU shan
194 A (7, 1/2) Convolutional Encoder Jos van ’t Hof
195 Tiny PIC-like MCU myrtle
196 RV8U - 8-bit RISC-V Microcore Processor David Richie
197 Logic-2G97-2G98 Sirawit Lappisatepun
198 Melody Generator myrtle
199 Rotary Encoder Counter Vaishnav Achath
200 Wolf sheep cabbage river crossing puzzle ASIC design maehw
201 Low-speed UART transmitter with limited character set loading maehw
202 Rotary encoder Wim Dams
203 FROG 4-Bit CPU ChrisPVille
204 Configurable Gray Code Counter Eric Swalens
205 Baudot Converter Arthur Hazleden
206 Marquee Christopher ‘ctag’ Bero
207 channel coding Asma Mohsin
208 Chisel 16-bit GCD with scan in and out Steve Burns
209 Adder with 7-segment decoder cy384
210 Hex to 7 Segment Decoder Randy Glenn
211 Multiple seven-segment digit buffer Zach Mason
212 LED Chaser Bradley Boccuzzi
213 Rolling Average - 5 bit, 8 bank Kauna Lei
214 w5s8: universal turing machine core Andrew Foote
215 Test3 Shaos
216 Seven Segment Clock Greg Davill
217 serv - Serial RISCV CPU Greg Davill
218 4:2 Compressor saicharan0112
219 PS2 keyboard Interface Tanish Khanchandani
220 Hello Generator Skyler Saleh
221 MicroASIC VI Mikhail Svarichevsky
222 Optimised Euclidean Algorithm Recep Said Dulger
223 CRC-16 and Parity calculator Chris Burton
224 SevSegFX Mazen Saghir, ECE Department, American University of Beirut ([email protected])
225 LAB11 Thomas Zachariah
226 Option23 Serial bitluni
227 Option23 bitluni
228 Option22 bitluni
229 4x4 RAM Michael Bartholic
230 Digital padlock Jean THOMAS
231 FFT Butterfly in Wokwi James R
232 Femto 4-bit CPU Majdi Abdul Samad, ECE Dept., American University of Beirut ([email protected])
233 Logisim demo - LED blinker Tholin
234 Secret File bitluni
235 Basic 4 bit cpu Noah Gaertner
236 Adi counter Prabal Dutta
237 Clock divider ASIC Sad Electronics
238 Amaranth 6 Bits Gray counter Camilo Soto
239 Laura’s L Laura
240 Two Bit Universal FSM Emilio Alvarez
241 Super Mario Tune on A Piezo Speaker Milosch Meriac
242 PSRANDOM CMUA F.Segura-Quijano, J.S.Moya
243 Gameshow Buzzer Christopher Haddad, Jenna Nandlall, Matthew Nunez, Farhan Kobir
244 Balanced Ternary Calculator Steven Bos
245 RiscV Scan Chain based CPU – block 1 – clocking Emilian Miron
246 RiscV Scan Chain based CPU – block 2 – instructions Emilian Miron
247 RiscV Scan Chain based CPU – block 3 – registers Emilian Miron
248 RiscV Scan Chain based CPU – block 4 – ALU Emilian Miron