These are the provisional terms for Tiny Tapeout Customers. We are having them checked by a legal expert and they are likely to be revised.

  • No guarantee that your manufactured design will be functional, but if it’s our fault then we’ll give you a voucher for the next run.
  • No guarantee of time for shipping your chip and PCB. We depend on a complicated supply chain, and based on our past experience, there are delays that are hard to anticipate.
  • Limitation of liability - not more than you paid.
  • We may not be able to ship chips to you if they are restricted by export control (e.g. to countries sanctioned by the US), and you may need to sign relevant documents before we can ship products to you.
  • You might have to pay import tax.
  • The combined chip project is shared on GitHub and possibly other websites, under Apache 2 license. You must not submit any copyrighted third-party content, and you must agree to have your submissions under Apache 2 compatible license.
  • We’re currently using eFabless as a contractor for the manufacturing (their chipIgnite program), their terms: https://platform.efabless.com/terms_of_service
  • The PCB deliverable should be considered as a development board, it doesn’t come with a case or any kind of certification.