In this puzzle you have to work out how to set the switches to get the last led to light up.

To start the puzzle, you need to be in ‘simulation mode’. Click the little play button in the top left corner.


Your friend has been working hard to plan a vacation. (Un)fortunately, they love digital logic, so rather than print you an itinerary, they drew you the following digital circuit.

Two vacations are possible: can you use the switches to figure out where you’ll go, what you’ll eat, and what souvenir you’ll return with?

Switch #
1 Beach
2 Mountains
3 Ski
4 Swim
5 Ice Cream
6 Fondue
7 Tacos
8 Sun Burn

Trouble viewing the simulation? Check it out on Wokwi.

If you don’t know what the different symbols are, then don’t worry just have a play around and we’ll get to them in the next lesson.

Once you select the input switch block, you can toggle each one with the numbers on your keyboard.

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