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Tiny Tapeout would not be possible without a lot of people helping. We would especially like to thank:

  • Uri Shaked for wokwi development and lots more
  • Sylvain Munaut for help with scan chain improvements
  • Mike Thompson and Mitch Bailey for verification expertise
  • Jix for formal verification support
  • Proppy for help with GitHub actions
  • Maximo Balestrini for all the amazing renders and the interactive GDS viewer
  • James Rosenthal for coming up with digital design examples
  • All the people who took part in Tiny Tapeout 1 and volunteered time to improve docs and test the flow
  • The team at YosysHQ and all the other open source EDA tool makers
  • Efabless for running the shuttles and providing OpenLane and sponsorship
  • Tim Ansell and Google for supporting the open source silicon movement
  • Zero to ASIC course community for all your support
  • Electronic Cats for their support in the translation into Spanish
  • Salik Abbasi for the intro animation on the videos