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Tiny Tapeout is an educational project that makes it easier and cheaper than ever to get your designs manufactured on a real chip!

Read the paper here.

See what other people are making by taking a look at what was submitted on our previous shuttles.

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  • 160 x 100 um tile + ASIC + demonstration board: The standard price is $300 plus shipping.
    However, Efabless is sponsoring a special early bird offer of $150 (plus shipping), limited to one order per person.
  • Each extra tile is $50, and extra analog pins start from $40 per pin.
  • By making an order, you agree to our terms of service.
  • Closing date is 6th of September.
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Our customers

University of California, Santa Cruz
San Jose State University
Johannes Kepler University Linz
Oklahoma State
Latin Practice
Digital University Kerala
New York Institute of technology
Hochschule Rheinmain
Carnegie Mellon University
University of Würzburg
Danmarks Tekniske Universitet
Wright State University


Just made a 4-bit barrel shifter by using this toolkit. It’s quick and fun to use. The GDS even generated within minutes. Everyone should try this.

Thank you for doing it - I always wanted to join these OpenMPW shuttles, but never felt ready for it. Tiny Tapeout provided a way for me to get in, while only spending 2 evening of effort on my end. That’s amazing!

Just yesterday, I was dreaming of a tapeout cooperative, and it turns out to exist. Thanks to you all!! Looking forward to TT05!

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