359 LIF Neuron, Telluride 2023

359 : LIF Neuron, Telluride 2023

  • Author: Paola Vitolo, Andrew Wabnitz, ReJ aka Renaldas Zioma
  • Description: Standalone test for a Binarized Leaky Integrate and Fire neuron that is part of the larger experimental design from Telluride Neuromorphic Workshop 2023
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  • Clock: 10000000 Hz
  • External hardware:

How it works

Binarized Leaky Integrate and Fire (LIF) neuron supports binary [0/1] inputs and [-1/1] binarized weights. Inputs are multiplied by weights and accumulated on the internal membrane. Membrane is exponentially decaying with every clock cycle. Once membrane value (potential) reaches threshold, neuron spikes and membrane value is decreased.

membrane += inputs * weights
membrane *= decay_factor
membrane -= threshold if membrane > threshold
spike = 1 if membrane > threshold

How to test

While reset is held high, input values are assigned to weights After reset cycle neuron is active. The only output of the neuron is the binary spike!


# Input Output Bidirectional
0 input1 / weight1 spike none
1 input2 / weight2 none none
2 input3 / weight3 none none
3 input4 / weight4 none none
4 input5 / weight5 none none
5 input6 / weight6 none none
6 input7 / weight7 none none
7 input8 / weight8 none none