295 Neuron

295 : Neuron

How it works

Our Neuron is a component that emulates the behavior of an artificial neuron. It is a simple demonstration with 2 inputs of 2 bits that emulate the inputs of the neuron and 2 inputs of 2 bits that emulate the corresponding weights. These weights would simulate values that have already been calculated, that is, the inference state. As an activation function, a small test with a linear comparator was proposed. The output of the neuron is one or zero depending on the value of the inputs and the weights.

How to test

To test the neuron, values must be placed on the 2 2-bit inputs and on the two weight values. The system generates an output at 1 or 0 that represents activation or not of the neuron.


# Input Output Bidirectional
0 X0 Y none
1 X1 n/a none
2 Y0 n/a none
3 Y1 n/a none
4 WX0 n/a none
5 WX1 n/a none
6 WY0 n/a none
7 XY1 n/a none