159 tinytapeout2-HELLo-3orLd-7seg

159 : tinytapeout2-HELLo-3orLd-7seg

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  • Author: Rakesh Peter
  • Description: HELLo-3orLd Runner on 7 segment Display
  • GitHub repository
  • Clock: 1 Hz

How it works

BCD to 7seg Counter is modified to suit the Simplified SoP equation for each segments. See the repo for SoP computation.

How to test

All toggle switches in zero position and clock switch on for auto runner. Individual BCD bits can be toggled using corresponding inputs with clock switch off.



0clocksegment a
1resetsegment b
2segment c
3dp togglesegment d
4BCD bit 3segment e
5BCD bit 2segment f
6BCD bit 1segment g
7BCD bit 0segment dp