108 tiny-fir

108 : tiny-fir

How it works

Multiplies the input by the tap coefficient for each stage and outputs the sum of all stages

How to test

Load tap coefficients by setting the value and pulsing 2 times, then repeat for second tap. Change input value each clock to run filter. Select signals change output to debug 00(normal) 01(output of mult 2) 10(tap values in mem) 11(output of mult 1). FIR output discards least significant bit due to output limitations


# Input Output
0 clock fir1/mult0/tap10
1 data0/tap0 fir2/mult1/tap11
2 data1/tap1 fir3/mult2/tap12
3 data2/tap2 fir4/mult3/tap13
4 data3/tap3 fir5/mult4/tap20
5 select0 fir6/mult5/tap21
6 select1 fir7/mult6/tap22
7 loadpulse fir8/mult7/tap23