84 Customizable Padlock

84 : Customizable Padlock

How it works

Switch 2 is used to reset the safe. Switch 8 is used to set your code (on = set, off = locked). Switches 3 to 5 are used to set the code. The push button is used to enter your code.

How to test

Set your desired code using Switches 3 to 5. Once you’ve done so, toggle Switch 8 to on then back off–the safe is now set! Turn on Switch 2, and press the push button. The seven segment display should show “L” (for locked). Next turn off Switch 2 to begin entering codes. If you enter a correct code, thw seven segment display should show “U” (for unlocked).


# Input Output
0 N/A segment a
1 Reset segment b
2 Code 0 segment c
3 Code 1 segment d
4 Code 2 segment e
5 N/A segment f
6 N/A segment g
7 Set Code none