28 LED Panel Driver

28 : LED Panel Driver


How it works

  • The circuit updates half of a P10 16x16 LED display module
  • It initially displays the string TT03
  • It provides a 600baud uart input to
    • paint pixels
    • erase pixels
    • clear the display
    • change the displayed colour
  • Functionality is limited by resource availability and clock rate
    • single colour at once
    • no double buffer, updates may have artifacts
    • refresh rate is low, some flicker is observed (16*8=128 pixels at 6kHz is ~46Hz, plus overhead)
  • Mode pin to allow for 2 different clocking patterns

How to test

  • Connect the display module as per the outputs
  • Connect the uart
  • Power on and see the TT03 text
  • If the display is swapped by quadrant change the mode pin
  • Use the script(s) in the software directory to control the display


# Input Output
0 clock red
1 reset blue
2 uart b
3 mode blank
4 none green
5 none a
6 none clk
7 none latch