22 Random number guess game

22 : Random number guess game

How it works

Uses ‘$random’ to generate 6-bit random numbers, and input [7:2] to make a guess.

Some combinatorial logics are used to check if the guessed bit matches the random number bit on positive clock edges. If they match, the corresponding bit in the output [5:0] is set to 1; otherwise, it is set to 0.

Of course a correct guess will output 6’b111111 and reset random numebr to enter a new round. If the player uses all 3 guesses, the game outputs 6’b000000 and resets with a new random number as well.

How to test

After reset, output [5:0] should zero out.


# Input Output
0 clock result[0]
1 rst result[1]
2 guess[0] result[2]
3 guess[1] result[3]
4 guess[2] result[4]
5 guess[3] result[5]
6 guess[4] none
7 guess[5] none