21 Dot operation calculator

21 : Dot operation calculator

How it works

It takes input 1 to determine operator and two 3 bit inputs as operands. The result is put to output 0-5. In multiplication mode it just outputs the number binary encoded. In division mode the output pins 0-2 are the quotient and 3-5 are the reminder.

How to test

Connect input 1-7 with switches and output 0-6 with leds.


# Input Output
0 clk_dummy product/quotient
1 opcode product/quotient
2 operand1_1 product/quotient
3 operand1_2 product/reminder
4 operand1_3 product/reminder
5 operand2_1 product/reminder
6 operand2_2 none
7 operand2_3 none