29 tiny egg timer

29 : tiny egg timer

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  • Author: yubex
  • Description: tiny egg timer is a configurable small timer
  • GitHub repository
  • Clock: 10000 Hz

How it works

Its a simple FSM with 3 states (Idle, Waiting and Alarm) and counters regarding clk_cycles, seconds and minutes...

How to test

Set the clock to 10kHz, set the wait time you want (in minutes) by setting io_in[7:3], set the start switch to 1, the timer should be running, the dot of the 7segment display should toggle each second. If the time is expired, an A for alarm should be displayed. You can stop the alarm by setting the start switch to 0 again.

External hardware

no external hw requrired


0clocksegment a
1resetsegment b
2startsegment c
3wait time in minutes [0]segment d
4wait time in minutes [1]segment e
5wait time in minutes [2]segment f
6wait time in minutes [3]segment g
7wait time in minutes [4]dot