33 5-bit Galois LFSR

33 : 5-bit Galois LFSR

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  • Author: Michael Bikovitsky
  • Description: 5-bit Galois LFSR with configurable taps and initial state. Outputs a value every second.
  • GitHub repository
  • Clock: 625 Hz

How it works


How to test

  1. Set the desired taps using the switches
  2. Assert the reset_taps pin
  3. Deassert reset_taps
  4. Set the desired initial state
  5. Assert reset_lfsr
  6. Deassert reset_lfsr
  7. Look at it go!
    • Values between 0x00-0x0F are output as hex digits.
    • Values between 0x10-0x1F are output as hex digits with a dot.
  8. Did you know there is a secret CPU inside?


0clocksegment a
1reset_lfsrsegment b
2reset_tapssegment c
3data_in1segment d
4data_in2segment e
5data_in3segment f
6data_in4segment g
7data_in5segment p