130 PS2 keyboard Interface

130 : PS2 keyboard Interface

How it works

Most likely does not work. Takes in keyboard hex scan codes and sends data to your PC. The chip emulates a key being pressed down and released. (link to protocol - https://techdocs.altium.com/display/FPGA/PS2_W+-+Transmission+Protocols). The logic puts data into a parallel to serial interface and sends the data with some of the other protocol necessities to simulate a key being pressed and released.

How to test

Select clock with input 1. Set the first hex character using inputs 2-5. Set input 6 to 1. Set input 6 back to 0. Set the second hex character using inputs 2-5 and set input 7 to 1 and then back to 0. Set input 8 to 1 to send the data.


# Input Output
0 clock NC
1 hex Bit 1 NC
2 hex Bit 2 NC
3 hex Bit 3 NC
4 hex Bit 4 NC
5 Set 1st hex NC
6 set 2nd hex Clock
7 Enable to send Data