123 LED Chaser

123 : LED Chaser

  • Author: Bradley Boccuzzi
  • Description: Push the button to fill in segments of the LED display, they will continue to shift and fill in the display until the button is released.`
  • GitHub repository
  • Most recent GDS build
  • Wokwi project
  • Extra docs
  • Clock: 0 Hz
  • External hardware: None

How it works

Input is button to input of shift register. Each segment of the 7 segment display is connected to an output of the shift register.

How to test

Push switch number 8 to watch the LEDs fill in


# Input Output
0 clock segment a
1 none segment b
2 none segment c
3 none segment d
4 none segment e
5 none segment f
6 none segment g
7 shift register input none