108 Logic-2G97-2G98

108 : 0b 001 101 100 : Logic-2G97-2G98

Select Project 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 ON SW2

How it works

This design replicates the circuit inside a TI configurable logic gates 74xx1G97 (and by including an inverted output, it will work as a 74xx1G98 as well). Since there are still I/O pins left, I included two of these configurables, and also one 74xx1G79 D Flip-Flop (again, an inverted output means this will also work as a 74xx1G80).

How to test

You could refer to TI’s 1G79/1G80/1G97/1G98 datasheet to test the device according to the pinout listed below.


# Input Output
0 dff_clock dff_out
1 dff_data dff_out_bar
2 gate1_in0 gate1_out
3 gate1_in1 gate1_out_bar
4 gate1_in2 gate2_out
5 gate2_in0 gate2_out_bar
6 gate2_in1 none
7 gate2_in2 none