41 8x8 Bit Pattern Player

41 : 0b 000 101 001 : 8x8 Bit Pattern Player

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  • Author: Thorsten Knoll
  • Description: 8x8 bit serial programmable, addressable and playable memory.
  • GitHub repository
  • Most recent GDS build
  • Wokwi project
  • Extra docs
  • Clock: 0 Hz
  • External hardware: You could programm, address and play the 8x8 Bit Pattern Player with a breadboard, two clock buttons and some dipswitches on the input side. Add some LED to the output side. Just like the WOKWI simulation.


How it works

The 8x8 memory is a 64-bit shiftregister, consisting of 64 serial chained D-FlipFlops (data: IN0, clk_sr: IN1). 8 memoryslots of each 8 bit can be directly addressed via addresslines (3 bit: IN2, IN3, IN4) or from a clockdriven player (3 bit counter, clk_pl: IN7). A mode selector line (mode: IN5) sets the operation mode to addressing or to player. The 8 outputs are driven by the 8 bit of the addressed memoryslot.

How to test

Programm the memory: Start by filling the 64 bit shiftregister via data and clk_sr, each rising edge on clk_sr shifts a new data bit into the register. Select mode: Set mode input for direct addressing or clockdriven player. Address mode: Address a memoryslot via the three addresslines and watch the memoryslot at the outputs. Player mode: Each rising edge at clk_pl enables the next memoryslot to the outputs.


# Input Output
0 data bit 0
1 clk_sr bit 1
2 address_0 bit 2
3 address_1 bit 3
4 address_2 bit 4
5 mode bit 5
6 none bit 6
7 clk_pl bit 7