20 chase the beat

20 : 0b 000 010 100 : chase the beat

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  • Author: Emil J Tywoniak
  • Description: Tap twice to the beat, the outputs will chase the beat. Or generate some audio noise!
  • GitHub repository
  • Most recent GDS build
  • HDL project
  • Extra docs
  • Clock: 1000 Hz
  • External hardware: A button on the tap input, a switch on the mode input, LEDs on the 8 outputs, and audio output on the first output. Don’t just connect headphones or speakers directly! It could fry the circuit, you need some sort of amplifier.

How it works

The second button press sets a ceiling value for the 1kHz counter. When the counter hits that value, it barrel-shifts the outputs by one bit. When the mode pin isn’t asserted, the first output pin emits digital noise generated by a LFSR

How to test

Set 1kHz clock on first input. After reset, set mode to 1, tap the tap button twice within one second. The outputs should set to the beat


# Input Output
0 clk o_0 - LED or noise output
1 rst o_1 - LED
2 tap o_2 - LED
3 mode o_3 - LED
4 none o_4 - LED
5 none o_5 - LED
6 none o_6 - LED
7 none o_7 - LED