• Author: Luis Ardila
  • Description: LUTRAM with 4 bit address and 8 bit output preloaded with a binary to 7 segments decoder, sadly it was too big for 0-F, so now it is 0-9?
  • GitHub repository
  • Most recent GDS build
  • Wokwi project
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  • Clock: 0 Hz
  • External hardware:

How it works

uses the address bits to pull from memory the value to be displayed on the 7 segments, content of the memory can be updated via a clock and data pins, reset button will revert to default info, you would need to issue one clock cycle to load the default info

How to test

clk, data, rst, nc, address [4:0]


# Input Output
0 clock segment a
1 data segment b
2 reset segment c
3 nc segment d
4 address bit 3 segment e
5 address bit 2 segment f
6 address bit 1 segment g
7 address bit 0 segment pd