14 Avalon Semiconductors '5401' 4-bit Microprocessor

14 : 0b 000 001 110 : Avalon Semiconductors ‘5401’ 4-bit Microprocessor

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  • Author: Tholin
  • Description: 4-bit CPU capable of addressing 4096 bytes program memory and 254 words data memory, with 6 words of on-chip RAM and two general-purpose input ports. Hopefully capable of more complex computation than previous CPU submissions.
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  • Clock: 6000 Hz
  • External hardware: At the very minimum a program memory, and the required glue logic. See ˝Example system diagram˝ in the full documentation.


How it works

The chip contains a 4-bit ALU, a 4-bit Accumulator, 8-bit Memory Address Register and 12-bit ˝Destination Register˝, which is used to buffer branch target addresses. It also has two general-purpose input ports. The instruction set consists of 16 instructions, containing arihmatic, logical, load/store, branch and conditional branch instruction. See the full documentation for a complete architectural description.

How to test

It is possible to test the CPU using a debounced push button as the clock, and using the DIP switches on the PCB to key in instructions manually. Set the switches to 0100_0000 to assert RST, and pulse the clock a few times. Then, change the switches to 0000_1000 (SEI instruction) and pulse the clock four times. After that, set the switches to all 0s (LD instruction). Pulse the clock once, then change the switches to 0001_0100, and pulse the clock three more times. Lastly, set the switches to 0011_1100 (LMH instruction). If done correctly, after two pulses of the clock, the outputs will read 0101_0000 and two more pulses after that, they will be xxxx_1000 (’x’ means don’t care). This sequence should repeat for as long as you keep pulsing the clock, without changing the inputs.


# Input Output
0 CLK MAR0 / DR0 / DR8 / RR0
1 RST MAR1 / DR1 / DR9 / RR1
2 I0 / D0 MAR2 / DR2 / DR10 / RR2
3 I1 / D1 MAR3 / DR3 / DR11 / RR3
4 I2 / D2 MAR4 / DR4 / F_MAR
5 I3 / D3 MAR5 / DR5 / F_WRITE
6 EF0 MAR6 / DR6 / F_JMP
7 EF1 MAR7 / DR7 / F_I