12 German Traffic Light State Machine

12 : 0b 000 001 100 : German Traffic Light State Machine

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  • Author: Jens Schleusner
  • Description: A state machine to control german traffic lights at an intersection.
  • GitHub repository
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  • Wokwi project
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  • Clock: 1 Hz
  • External hardware: An additional inverter is required to generate the pedestrian red signals from the green output. Hookup your own LEDs for the signals.

How it works

A state machine generates signals for vehicle and pedestrian traffic lights at an intersection of a main street and a side street. A blinking yellow light for the side street is generated in the reset state.

How to test

Provide a clock, hook up LEDs and generate a reset signal to reset the intersection to all-red. If your leave the reset signal enabled, a blinking yellow light is shown for the side street.


# Input Output
0 clock main street red
1 reset main street yellow
2 none main street green
3 none main street pedestrian green
4 none side street red
5 none side street yellow
6 none side street green
7 none side street pedestrian green