6 S4GA: Super Slow Serial SRAM FPGA

6 : 0b 000 000 110 : S4GA: Super Slow Serial SRAM FPGA

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  • Author: Jan Gray
  • Description: one fracturable 5-LUT that receives FPGA LUT configuration frames, serially evaluates LUT inputs and LUT outputs
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  • Clock: Hz
  • External hardware: serial SRAM or FLASH


How it works

The design is a single physical LUT into which an external agent pours a series of 92b LUT configuration frames, four bits per cycle. Every 23 clock cycles it evaluates a 5-input LUT. The last N=283 LUT output values are kept on die to be used as LUT inputs of subsequent LUTs. The design also has 2 FPGA input pins and 7 FPGA output pins.

How to test



# Input Output
0 clk out[0]
1 rst out[1]
2 si[0] out[2]
3 si[1] out[3]
4 si[2] out[4]
5 si[3] out[5]
6 in[0] out[6]
7 in[1] debug