5 Duty Controller

5 : 0b 000 000 101 : Duty Controller

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  • Author: Marcelo Pouso / Miguel Correia
  • Description: Increase/Decrease a duty cycle of square signal.
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  • Clock: 12500 Hz
  • External hardware: A 12.5Khz clock signal generator and 2 bottoms for incremental and decremental inputs. An oscilloscope to see the output PWM 1.2KHZ signal.

How it works

Enter a square clock of 12.5Khz, and change its duty cycle by pressing increase or decrease bottom. The change will be in steps of 10%. The increase and decrease inputs have an internal debouncer that could be disabled with the input disable_debouncer = 1.

How to test

Connect a signal clock (io_in[0]), reset active high signal (io_in[1]), a button to control the incremental input (io_in[2]) and another button to control the decremental input(io_in[3]), and finally forced to 0 the disable_debouncer input (io_in[4]). The output signal will be in the pwm (io_out[0]) port and the negate output in pwm_neg (io_out[1]). The signal output will have a frecuency of clk/10 = 1.2Khz. When you press the incremental input bottom then the signal will increment by 10% Its duty cycle and when you press the decremental input bottom you will see that the output signal decrement by 10%.


# Input Output
0 clock pwm
1 reset pwm_neg
2 increase increase
3 decrease decrease
4 disable_debouncer none
5 none none
6 none none
7 none none