113 Rotary encoder

113 : 0b 001 110 001 : Rotary encoder

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  • Author: Wim Dams
  • Description: Reads in a (incremental) rotary encoder and shows the result on the seven-segment display
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  • Clock: 10000 Hz
  • External hardware: Rotary encoder connected to pin A and pin B


How it works

The rotary pins are sampled every clock cycle. If a rising edge is detected on pin A, the 4 bit counter will be incremented/decremented depending on pin B. The counter is put on the seven segment display and a debounce time is started (125 clk cycles)

How to test

After reset, turn the rotary encoder and the counter should increment/decrement as you turn


# Input Output
0 clock segment a
1 reset segment b
2 Rotary encoder pin A (sometimes marked as CLK) segment c
3 Rotary encoder pin B (sometimes marked as DT) segment d
4 none segment e
5 none segment f
6 none segment g
7 none none