292 uDATAPATH_Collatz

292 : uDATAPATH_Collatz

How it works

Our uDATAPATH_Collatz is a component that computes the Collatz Array Sequence for a given input number. The input and output are 8-bit vectors (data bus). The component is synchronous and has a reset signal to read the input data and perform the series calculation. The component implementation is based on a 4-register Datapath and ALU such that the implementation emulates basic assembler instructions programmed in a simple state machine.

How to test

To test the component, you must put a data on the input bus BB_SYSTEM_data_InBUS[7:0], activate the Reset signal. In the output bus BB_SYSTEM_data_OutBUS[7:0] you can see the calculated string. * The series will be calculated close to the clock rate. Visually you will not be able to see the intermediate data unless you use a probe reading per digital channel from an oscilloscope.


# Input Output Bidirectional
0 clk BB_SYSTEM_data_OutBUS[0] none
1 rst_n BB_SYSTEM_data_OutBUS[1] none
2 BB_SYSTEM_data_InBUS[0] BB_SYSTEM_data_OutBUS[2] none
3 BB_SYSTEM_data_InBUS[1] BB_SYSTEM_data_OutBUS[3] none
4 BB_SYSTEM_data_InBUS[2] BB_SYSTEM_data_OutBUS[4] none
5 BB_SYSTEM_data_InBUS[3] BB_SYSTEM_data_OutBUS[5] none
6 BB_SYSTEM_data_InBUS[4] BB_SYSTEM_data_OutBUS[6] none
7 BB_SYSTEM_data_InBUS[5] BB_SYSTEM_data_OutBUS[7] none