263 FCFM 7-segment display

263 : FCFM 7-segment display

How it works

It uses a Ripple Counter made from DSR flip-flops to count each character from UCHILE-FCFM- and displays it into the 7-segment display, the logic behind was optimized using the Quine McCluskey algorithm.

How to test

You can test the desing by stepping the clock to see UCHILE-FCFM- in the 7-segment display. Also you can disable the counter with the 3th input and input a counter value by hand using the 4th to 7th inputs.


# Input Output Bidirectional
0 clock segment a none
1 reset segment b none
2 none segment c none
3 counter_disable segment d none
4 A (most significant bit of the counter) segment e none
5 B segment f none
6 C segment g none
7 D (least significant bit of the counter) dot none