6 The Bulls and Cows game

6 : The Bulls and Cows game


How it works

The bulls and cows is a game where the users try to discover the exact pattern of secret numbers

How to test

Firstly, a secret pattern of four 3-bit numbers, which are different with each other, should be set. This is done through the save signal. After the secret number is set, another user tries to find the correct pattern of numbers. In order for the correct pattern to be found, the signals of cows and bulls are pinpointing as to whether the user input had any match with the secret pattern. The cows indication shows as to whether the input matches with any secret number but it is not in the right position. On the other hand, the bulls indication shows as to whether the input matches and is placed correctly. The purpose of the game is for the user to achieve four bulls indications. For the signals of bulls and cows the indications are showed through the seven segment display. In the seven segment display the bulls indication is placed in the top region (0-1-5-6) and the cows indication is placed in the bottom region (2-3-4-7) of the seven segment display.


# Input Output Bidirectional
0 I0/Number1[0] O0/bulls[1]/segment a I7/Number3[0]
1 I1/Number1[1] O1/bulls[2]/segment b I8/Number3[1]
2 I2/Number1[2] O2/cows[0]/segment c I9/Number3[2]
3 I3/Number2[0] O3/cows[1]/segment d I10/Number4[0]
4 I4/Number2[1] O4/cows[2]/segment e I11/Number4[1]
5 I5/Number2[2] O5/bulls[0]/segment f I12/Number4[2]
6 I6/Save the secret number O6/bulls[3]/segment g none
7 none O7/cows[3]/dot none