122 Tiny Synth

122 : Tiny Synth

  • Author: Nanik Adnani
  • Description: A tiny synthesizer! Modulates the frequency of the clock based on inputs, plays a C scale (hopefully).
  • GitHub repository
  • Most recent GDS build
  • Wokwi project
  • [Extra docs](Not done yet, eventually!)
  • Clock: 12500 Hz
  • External hardware: Not entirely sure yet, it outputs a square wave, I still need to figure out what to do with it to make it make sound.

Image path is broken

How it works

Will come back and write more after my exams!

How to test

Make sure the clock is tied to input 0, whatever frequency you want, play with it! Then you can play different notes by toggling the other inputs.


# Input Output
0 clock Pitch + 1 Octave
1 C Pitch
2 D Pitch - 1 Octave
3 E Pitch - 2 Octave
4 F none
5 G none
6 A none
7 B none