101 Water-Level-Indicator-With-Auto-Motor-Control

101 : Water-Level-Indicator-With-Auto-Motor-Control

  • Author: Ashutosh Kumar
  • Description: As water level of tank decreases/increases LED glow according to it.when water level touches the last then motor start and run until full the tank.
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  • Clock: 0 Hz
  • External hardware:

How it works

First 4 flip flop uses as synchroniser. Total four state define as full Half1 Half2 Empty. These four state mapped with 00 01 10 11 and further it mapped with 4 Led. Logic circuits design to control the states using D-flip flop. Another Logic design with help of one D flip flop to control motor. Motor only start when it goes to last stage and it OFF only when water level of tank full.

How to test

Explain how to test your project: it have 3 input clock input A input B Total 5 output out1 – connect to red Led (Full) out2 – connect to yellow1 Led (Half1) out3 – connect to yellow2 Led (Half2) out4 – connect to Red Led (Empty) out5 – connect to Red Led (moto)


# Input Output
0 c segment a – Red Led (Full)
1 l segment b – Yellow1 (Half1)
2 o segment c – Yellow2 ( Half2)
3 c segment d – RED (Empty)
4 k segment e – RED (motor)
5 segment f
6 i segment g
7 n dot