68 I2S reeceiver, data mix and transmitter

68 : I2S reeceiver, data mix and transmitter

How it works

Read in 2 Channels of I2S streams, mix them according to input bits (mute, I2S input 1 or 2 or both) and send them out again. For adding the LSB of the data is truncated. This should support standard I2S transmitter/receiver.


How to test

You need to connect the word select signal (WS), continous serial clock (SCK) and serial data for channel 1 and 2 (SD_CH1 SD_CH2). Configure channel_sel (b00 is mute, b01 channel 1, b10 channel 2 and b11 is adding ch1 and ch2), reset, then let and I2S master drive the signals according to the standard and receive data on the output SD_OUT. Some other IC needs to act as clock master and provide the clocks and signals.


# Input Output
0 sck wsd
1 reset wsp
2 ws sd_out
3 sd_ch1 none
4 sd_ch2 none
5 channel_sel none
6 none none
7 none none