48 4-bits sequential ALU

48 : 4-bits sequential ALU

  • Author: Diego Satizabal
  • Description: A 4-bits sequential ALU that takes operands and opcode seqentially and performs operations and outputs results
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  • Clock: 0 Hz
  • External hardware:

How it works

The ALU takes 4-bits wide Operators and Operation sequentially with every clock cycle if the enabled signal is set to high, it takes an additional clock to output the result

How to test

Run make from the command line in the src directory to perform all tests suites, you must have Python, cocotb and Icarus Verilog installed If you have GTK Wave installed you can run the command make test_gtkwave to generate the VCD output, the run gtkwave tb.vcd to see the waveforms


# Input Output
0 clock result_0
1 reset result_1
2 enabled result_2
3 none result_3
4 Opx_opcode_0 done_flag
5 Opx_opcode_1 carry_flag
6 Opx_opcode_2 zero_flag
7 Opx_opcode_3 sign_flag