25 Parallel Nibble to UART

25 : Parallel Nibble to UART

How it works

4 bits should be loaded into registers through the data pins twice - once for the LSB of a byte, once for the MSB of a byte (specified using the mode pins). Once ready, mode can be set to transmit to send the loaded byte over UART.

How to test

When mode[1,2]=01, data is clocked in as the least-significant 4-bits for a UART transmissions. When mode[1,2]=10, the same occurs for the most-significant 4-bits. When mode[1,2]=11, the complete data should get sent over UART.


# Input Output
0 clock uart_tx
1 reset none
2 data1 none
3 data2 none
4 data3 none
5 data4 none
6 mode1 none
7 mode2 none