102 SRLD

102 : 0b 001 100 110 : SRLD

Select Project 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 ON SW2

How it works

Data is inputted to an 8-bit shift register, the data can then be (optionally) latched, data can be switched around if needed based on shifted data being LSB/MSB first, cylcles between decoding high/low nibble to show on the 7-segment display.

How to test

Use shiftIn and shiftClk to clock in 8-bits of data. Toggle latch to move data from shift register to the latch. 7-seg display will show alternating high/low nibbles. If useLatch is high data comes from the latch otherwise it will be shown ’live’ as it’s shifted in. If cycle_display is low the display will cycle between high/low nibble otherwise it will show the nibble selected by lowHighNibble. mslLsb will switch between showing the shifted data as MSB or LSB first.


# Input Output
0 displayClock segment a
1 shiftIn segment b
2 shiftClk segment c
3 latch segment d
4 cycle_display segment e
5 lowHighNibble segment f
6 useLatch segment g
7 mslLsb High/low nibble indicator